Energy Management System

SACI has developed an Energy Management System which allows to analyze and control the proper use of energy.

This system can be used in buildings, apartments, shopping centers, factories to name a few.

Energy control system consists of the use of energy measuring equipments (M2DL), pulse totalizer (TTI) based on microprocessor and Ethergate Interface RS485/RS232, and control software (TTIgest).


  •         Energy efficiency and cost.
  •         Measure efficiency.
  •          Accurately sub-bill tenants for energy costs
  •          Allocate energy costs to departments or processes.
  •          Reduce peak demand surcharges.
  •          Reduce power factor penalties.
  •          Strengthen rate negotiation with energy suppliers.
  •          Identify billing discrepancies.
  •          Reduce Energy-Related Emissions.
  •          Maximize Energy Efficiency.
  •  Assure Power Availability and Reliability.
  •          Cut Energy-Related Costs.

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