SACI (Sociedad Anónima de Construcciones Industriales) is one of the leading European companies focused on the design, manufacture and marketing-oriented devices and Control Electrical Energy Efficiency. The Company offers products and solutions ranging from high-quality analog instrumentation, digital instrumentation, current transformers and shunts, to network analyzers and controllers for power factor correction. We serve over 50 countries and employ over 150 people worldwide.

Customer Sevice
R & D team composed of more than 10 engineers
A production system equipped with the latest technology
Large production capacity in the new manufacturing facility located in Alcobendas
Commercial presence
Company details

 • Origins

SACI was founded on December 18, 1941 in Madrid by Mr. Domingo Serrano. Its activity begins in the hands of the aviation sector, designing and manufacturing indicators and control of very high quality watchmaking.

Over time the activity of SACI was directing increasingly towards industrial sector because of the appearance of German standards at the end of the 1940s , and consequently, because of the new market opportunities.

Today, with more than 10 engineers, we are working continuously to meet the needs of our customers and develop the most innovative products, provided by the latest technological advances. Our facilities and processes are fully certified according to ISO 9001, which demonstrates our commitment with the quality of the product and with the customer.

 • Customer Service

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers. A full technical and commercial team attends queries of  users, providing a completely custom solution in each case.

 • R & D team composed of more than 10 engineers

Annually devote a significant portion of our budget to R & D and innovation. A team of more than 10 engineers are working in the department, designing new products to meets the need of the market.

 • A production system equipped with the latest technology

We incorporate the latest technology in each of the different processes of production in our manufacturing processes.

 • Large production capacity in the new manufacturing facility located in Alcobendas

Since the beginning of 2012, SACI has a new manufacturing center located in Alcobendas, with around 3000 m2, entirely dedicated to the design and manufacture of equipment for energy control.

 • Commercial presence

The Company has developed a strong international presence through highly specialized representatives in the distribution of electrical equipment, and specifically aimed at the market of electrical energy efficiency. The presence extends SACI in countries such us Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Thailand, etc.. With our wide range of products and solutions in the segments we are in the Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity market.

 • Product

Our products provide solutions for the generation, transport and distribution of electric power, up to the final consumer; including all kinds of industries, and particularly serving the market of electric utilities.

 • Company details

SACI, SA – CIF: A-28027811

15 Aragoneses St, 15 – Alcobendas (Madrid) Spain
Tel: (+34) 91 519 02 45 Fax: (+34) 91 416 96 46